Farming California Almonds

Growing Together

Del Rio Nut Company is unique in that we market the almonds on behalf of our growers. We are confident we will sell our growers’ almonds at prices that result in top-industry returns back to our growers.

Quality almonds begin with quality growers. At Del Rio Nut Company, we work hard to provide our quality-minded growers with consistently high returns.

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Food Safety Begins in the orchard and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) are the foundation of producing safe quality California Almonds. Check out the Almond Board of California’s GAP Quick Start Guide.

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Orchard and Pest Management

Orchard sanitation and pest management go hand in hand in almond production. Both are integral in producing quality almonds. With increased pressure from Naval Orange Worm (NOW), as well as other pests, growers must be more diligent than ever with their pest management strategies and orchard sanitation. The University of California Extension has conducted extensive research on pest management, including cultural practices, monitoring strategies, and timing/rates of application. For more detailed information, check out the UC Extension’s IPM Guidelines.

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Position Reports

Find out more about almond trade statistics, industry trends, and shipments. Click below for the Almond Board’s Published Position Reports.

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While the FDA has exempt almond growers and huller/shellers from the Produce Safety Rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), continuing to maintain orchard practices that ensure safe quality products is at the forefront of our growers’ minds.

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Become a Del Rio Grower

With more acreage being planted throughout California, Del Rio Nut Company is welcoming new growers. Interested in learning more about what Del Rio can offer? Contact Barret Arakelian at (559) 352-7171 or send an email to