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Quality California Almonds

Del Rio Nut Company has been in production of brown skin almonds for over 30 years. During this time, we have seen the industry grow at break-neck speed with demand continuing to grow around the world. We work hard to ensure that our prices are competitive and fair, but never compromise product quality.

The success of Del Rio Nut Company has been built on a solid foundation of Quality & Customer Satisfaction. With these guiding principles we have built and maintained strong relationships with our valued customers. As demand for almond grows worldwide, Del Rio Nut Company is partnering with new manufacturers internationally as well as domestically.

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While there are over 20 California Almond Varieties, when sold commercially, almonds are commonly purchased by the following variety types:

Carmel Type
Mission Type

Please note that specific variety purchases can also be arranged.

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USDA Specifications for Grades of Raw Almonds:
US Extra No. 1
US No. 1 (Supreme)
Select Sheller Run
Standard Sheller Run
Whole & Broken

In addition to USDA Standards for Grades, we are able to accommodate Customer Specifications.

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Food Safety

Del Rio Nut Company is built on a foundation of food safety. We are committed to supplying safe food, complying with customer expectations, regulatory requirements, the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, relevant legislation, and to continually improve its food safety and quality management systems.

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Continuous Improvement

Maintaining a mindset of continuous improvement is a top priority at Del Rio Nut Company. From standard protocols to incorporating advanced technology, we are always looking to the future for improved techniques in continuing to produce top-quality California Almonds.

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