Our Story


Del Rio Nut Company

Family Owned

In 1917, Arakelian Farms was established, growing raisins and other dried fruits. In 1972, production focus moved to almonds and it became clear that the next step into marketing was a natural evolution.

In 1987, Del Rio Nut Company was incorporated as the marketing arm of the growing side of the Arakelian family’s almond production. As neighboring farmers became aware of the opportunities Del Rio could provide, the business grew to include small and large growers alike.

Today, Del Rio Nut Company is a vertically integrated ‘mid-sized’ brown skin almond handler working with over 200 different almond growers throughout the state of California. As a grower, huller/sheller, and processor, we understand all aspects of the almond industry.

While Del Rio Nut Company has grown over the past 30+ years, we continue to let our core values be our guide in company growth and customer service:


We believe that the way to true health is through the food you consume on a daily basis. Our mission is to produce nutrient dense, clean food in a sustainable way.